FONDAZZA Amber Glass Multifunction Display Organizer, Decorative Storage, Bathroom and Vanity Countertop Storage container for Cosmetic, Lipstick, Perfume and Brushes.

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Home well reflects who we are. It shows what our viewpoints of values in life look like. So, we believe home furnishings should not be just beauty-charged. They should be life-inspiring, too.

Fondazza aims to give people good choices in their wish to render home more than just a place for eye-catching odds and ends.

Amber Organizer

Materials And Handcraft

Glass and brass are what mostly go into Fondazza products. All the production process are skillfully handled and carefully monitored by our team. Emphasis rests on quality of materials, styles that stand the test of time, and stout handcrafting.


Glass is the main material with Fondazza for its many facets in colors, textures and translucence which together play upon light and shadows in space to bring out unexpected effects.

Amber Cube


Brass complements glass in many Fondazza works. It has been with humanity since antiquity. We are in love with its warm and ancient feel that is best shown with handcrafting. The beauty is it manifests different appearances particular to different ways of usage. This trait is just unique to brass.


For colors, we put silk printing to work. A pure handcraft dating far back in time, it relies on experienced hands to obtain right hues. This is a skill that delivers fuller effects than machine printing can.

Amber Slant Box

Cleaning Instructions

Glass/Mirror – For regular cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth. For heavier stains, use a soft brush with a standard detergent and rinse with a solution of vinegar and water. Finish by wiping with a dry, lint-free cloth. Avoid using chemicals and abrasive cleaners, as these will damage the surface of the glass.

Brass – Brass is a natural material that get vintage over time. To us, patina is beautiful, but if you prefer, you can use brass polish to remove discoloration when needed. For daily care, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

ATOLL Organizer Collection

ONDA Brass Wave Collection

Brass Wave Frame

Brass Wave Mirror

Triangle Organizer

Rectangle Organizer

Duo Pen Holder


MULTI-FUNCTION : The storage slots vary in width and height for a variety of items in different sizes for easy access.
DECORATION : The cubical structure with amber glass and gold brass trim create a captivating light- reflection.
EXQUISITE GIFT : Presented in a beautiful yet elegant packaging, suitable for any occasions.
SAFE TO USE : A soft felt padded to protect your table surface from scratches when placed.

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