BLUHOUZZ Alice 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink with Overflow, Large Storage Small Bathroom Vanity for Modern Bathroom, One-Piece Sink Basin Minimalist Bathroom Sink Cabinet

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BluHouzz is born to vitalize your bathroom by initiating you into the art of personalized integrated design of modern bathrooms.


We coexist with the young mind, resonate with the young lifestyle, attach importance to each and every need for individual bathroom products, and hope to pour infinite natural loftiness into the limited private space and free the body and mind.Through modern elegance and superior functions that have been developed for the experience, we dare to improve bathroom environment and optimize bathing space around the world.

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Vitalize Your Bathroom

It is also a statement that compels us to pursue fresh perspectives and solutions for your bathroom.

How did we get our start?

BluHouzz was founded with the purpose of providing solutions of personalized integrated design of modern bathrooms. We are committed to designing bathroom products that deliver a sense of well-being, vitality and independence for individuals of all ages and abilities.

What makes our products unique?

BluHouzz bathroom collections are created by the design team and experts from Italy and Germany. They find inspiration in the world of art and pioneering new concepts to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the finest in bathroom design.

What We Do

Enjoy life

DTC Silent Buffering Track: BluHouzz Bathroom Sink Vanity uses DTC silent buffering track technology for opening and closing, allowing for smooth and noiseless use of the cabinet. Gently open with force and slowly close, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and bump-free experience during use.
Minimalist Handle-Free Design: The 24 inch vanity with sink features a one-piece 45° sloping handle-free design on the drawers, making it resistant to bumps and keeping your hands safe during use. This simple design style not only conforms to the aesthetics of modern people, but also allows you to enjoy every use easily and happily.
E1 Environmental Friendly Board Material: BluHouzz bathroom vanity cabinet is manufactured with E1 environmental protection board material. With paint-free edges and a versatile color palette, the surface is smooth and durable with scratch resistance, making your bathroom healthier. Additionally, we offer multiple options to meet various household needs.
One-Piece Basin: BluHouzz floating vanity bathroom cabinet’s basin is made using one-piece molding technology, with zero permeability and abrasion resistance, preventing water splashing and keeping the bathroom clean and tidy.One faucet hole is pre-drilled Pop-up and Drain sold separately.

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